How to choose the best shopping website to shop with ?

Online shopping is a new way for everyone’s life. Oneline shopping must have its attraction. In my opinion, It’s not only save many time to choose but also you can even buy the products you can’t buy in local city. Try to image, You can buy something not sell in local city, Or you can buy something cheaper than local,and you don’t need to waste time to go to street or shopmall. You just need to sit at home, shopping with computer and drink bear. How wonderful! It’s the best way for Univerysity students and Busy employees. People who do not want to use the online shopping said The most reason they don’t want use online shopping is it’s difficult to recognize the products quality.
As a Shopping Veteran, Today I will show you some online shopping experience for you. I will show you how to recognize good shop.

1. Browse the website. A good website must have typing neatly. This website looks great
2. You can try to make an order first, But don’t pay for it.You can see how the shop service will contact you. AND also, You can ask them some questions, But don’t show them you really want to buy their products. If the show impatiently, then I think you know what to do.
3. Ask them about the payment. If they are trying to persuade you choose some method like Bank Transfer or Money Gram as your fist business, and they don’t accept Credit Card. Be Careful! You CAN’T get your money back if you pay through Bank Transfer etc..
What kind of website won’t take Credit Card ? Unless they don’t want to do business.
4. Just assume some special suitation, See what’s they gonna do.
5. Ask some real products pictures or some products videos. I noticed that many website use the distorted images to publish on website. You can see all products pictures.

I hope these 5 tips will help you to find best, trustworthy shopping website.
Enjoy your shopping time!



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